This country boy had a beach day!

After leaving the veterinary clinic (Dra. Lesley Rodriguez in Mayagüez – what a wonderful team of animal loving health providers!), my rescuer and I went to Rincón! Yes, I’m an island dog, but I’m from Maricao and she thinks I’ve probably never seen the beach before – oh the irony!

I was hesitant at first, but I really enjoyed napping on the comfy sand under the shade of a tree. She tried to get me to go in the water, but I wasn’t having any of that. I sipped some and YUCK! It was so salty!

I was too busy romping around so we didn’t take any pictures, but here’s one of me on the ride back home – I was pooped! And sleeping with a smile on my face 😋😋😋

My countdown is on… my rescuer leaves the island on Friday. We have two days to find me an angel who will take me in for a week and take me to the airport on Friday, April 7th, between 10:30 and 11:30am. All my expenses are paid, I’m clean, protected against fleas and ticks, and have a 5lb bag of yummy healthy food for the week. 

My forever home is a fenced-in house with a yard in Tucson, Arizona. My dad has been a close friend of my rescuer for 15 years and he’s ready to love me, and take me on all sorts of mountain adventures.

WILL YOU HELP ME GET TO MY FOREVER HOME? Send my rescuer a message at and PLEASE, share my page with everyone you know!


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