I’M HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!

My gosh, I’m so happy!!!! 

My rescuer took me to the vet yesterday and I passed almost all my health exams!!! I have a very low platelet count, so I’m a bit anemic now (the diet on the streets is hard on the body, I tell you), but I’ve been patiently letting my rescuer give me my vitamins and antibiotics so my health goes up to PERFECT!

No heartworms,no mange, no problem! I go back to the vet on Wednesday to get all my shots… and then I’ll be ready for my FOREVER HOME!

My rescuer will write more tonight, including share a video she took of me at the vet. I was SO HAPPY to get love from so many different people! And there were puppies and cats and birds and I loved them all!!! Here’s a picture of a nice man who gave me lots of love. His baby dog was my favorite new friend at the office 😋😋😋

Dog rescue for adoption march 2017


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