Ridin’ ’round town…

After my bath, nap, and second bowl of food, my rescuer brought me to see if one of her animal loving friends could foster me until she finds me a Forever Home. No dice, her friend already has 6 dogs, cats, and even a pig! But I really enjoyed the car ride during the day, it felt much better than last night when I was still dirty and scared.


My rescuer likes to take lots of pictures and videos of me. She says she wants to show the world how good I am 😀  Here’s some video of me and her furry best friend, Tori.  Tori is very bossy and was not nice to me last night. But even though I’m still a puppy, I’m calm, and I don’t have a mean bone in my body, so now we’re friends 😀

I just ate a third bowl of high protein food, and my rescuer even added sardines to the bowl! It was delicious, I couldn’t eat it fast enough! She said it’s good for my coat and joints.

Tomorrow I’m going to the vet. Wish me luck!  Please consider fostering me – my rescuer only has one week left on the island and she can’t take me with her. She’ll pay for all my expenses, down to the treats, and will continue to work with organizations to find me my forever home.

And if you’re ready for a faithful lifelong companion – please adopt me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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