Hi!  Thanks for visiting my page!

HEY THERE!! You can read my story below, BUT please check out my UPDATES page — so many WONDERFUL things have happened in just a few short days!

‘m a sweet boy found on the carretera (road with no sidewalks) in rural Maricao, Puerto Rico, far from houses. When my rescuer stopped her car, I stopped too. When she said hello, and asked me to come close, I wagged my whole body with happiness, and playfully stomped toward her… but I kept my distance… until she opened up a can of food!

I ate it all up in one gulp.. then the next can… and the next!  I drank some water too, and I was a little afraid, but I couldn’t help showing my happiness with a good wag as she petted my head. I really enjoyed getting some love!

She asked around about me, and the local residents confirmed that I was dumped in the area. I’m neutered and all I want to do is love you and be loved!

I’m young, full of life, and ready to be your best pal.

My rescuer put this page together to help find my forever home. Here, she’ll share more photos and videos of me – taking a bath, going to the vet, and wagging my happy tail while I nap.

She hasn’t given me a name because she wants my forever family to have that honor.

Will you take me home and love me as much as I’ll love you?